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Changes to Garbage Collection in Victoria Beginning


The Town of Victoria has taken delivery of its new semi-automated garbage truck and refuse carts.  Town personnel began distributing carts on the west side of town on Friday, January 13, 2023 along with a letter explaining the new system.  You may notice a mark painted on the ground where the cart was dropped off.  This is where the cart needs to be placed for pickup with wheels and handle away from the street.

Carts distribution will continue next week until all carts have been delivered.

The initial cart dropped off at your address is provided at NO COST to you but remains the property of the Town of Victoria and must remain at the address should you move.  If you need an additional cart, please contact the town office to make arrangements for this.

Once a cart is delivered to your residence please start using that for garbage collection as these are the only carts that will be emptied.  Please read the letter for guidelines on placement of the carts.

The guidelines for residential garbage collection can be found at https://clients.municipalimpact.com/documents/290/Residential_Garbage_Collection.pdf

The Town of Victoria appreciates your cooperation and patience during the initial weeks of the new garbage collection process.


New Refuse Truck