Town Treasurer

The Town of Victoria Treasurer, in conjunction with the Lunenburg Commissioner of the Revenue, performs, oversees, and directs all the duties in relation to the assessment of property for thepurpose of levying the town taxes or levies; shall see to the billing and collection of all fees, bills, taxes, and licenses chargeable and owed within the corporate limits of the town.  The treasurer is also responsible for other duties in relation to the assessments of property, collections of moneys due to the town, payment of the debts and obligations of the town, reporting the financial conditin of the town,and other subjects of collection, taxation, and finance as may be ordered by the town council or the town manager.The treasurer is responsible for keeping the financial books in order to allow for transparency in all financial transactions of the town.  All financial records of the town are audited annually by an independent third party auditing firm.

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Diane Harding