Victoria Police Department

The Victoria Police Department is here to serve the citizens of the Town of Victoria.  The police department enforces the town's local code as well as the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The officers of the Victoria Police Department are constantly working to educate the community in understanding the law and how the law affects their day-to-day lives.

The safety and well-being of the citizens and visitors of the Town of Victoria is our number one goal.  The officers cannot do this alone. Citizens who care about their community, who are brave enough to come forward when they have information on a crime, whether the crime has occurred, is occurring, or may occur.  These citizens are true heroes.  Without their help, the job of the Victoria's police department could not be as effective.

If you are witnessing a crime in progress or are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.

Group Members

Police Chief
Camden Lawson

Justin Beagle

Joseph Behler

Rondell White

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Victoria Police Department