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Town of Victoria 2024-2025 Budget Proposal


The Victoria Town Council will hold a public hearing on the 2024-2025 Town of Victoria budget on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 7:00 PM at the Victoria Municipal Building located at 1809 Main Street.  The budget synopsis can be viewed at FY2025 Budget.

The three major funds represented in the budget are general, water, and sewer. The proposed general fund budget for FY2025 is $950,000.00 which is down approximately 2% from the FY2024 budget.  The proposed water budget for FY2025 is $766,200.00 or up 4.75% from the FY2024 budget.  The proposed sewer budget for FY2025 is $647,200.00 and remains the same as the FY2024 sewer budget. 

Even though the general fund decreased slightly the significant changes in the fund include increased funding for police officer retention, addition of funding for apparatus replacement for Victoria Fire and Rescue, and the addition of funding for capital improvements needs that are funded through the general fund.

The water fund saw a 4.75% increase over the FY2024 budget due to increases in operating costs.  Over the last few years, the cost of water treatment supplies has gone up drastically.  Examples of cost increases are as follows:

                Delpac – up 52%

                Chlorine – up 56.5%

                Sodium Fluoride – up 240%

                Soda Ash – up 40%.

The increase in the cost of treatment results in a need to increase the minimum water rate from $31.50 per 3,000 gallons to $35.00 per 3,000 gallons.  The last increase was in FY2023 with the rate increasing from $30.50 per 3,000 gallons to $31.50 per 3,000 gallons.

The sewer fund remains constant from the FY2024 budget at $647,200.00.  This budget was able to remain at the same level due to anticipated savings from the construction of the new Grove Avenue pump station and the closure of the West Wastewater Treatment Facility.

There are several other funds in the overall budget that can be viewed in the budget synopsis.  These funds remain fairly constant from year to year.