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Farm Use Plate and Placard Update:


Farmers in Virginia use vehicles in a variety of ways for their farms. The type of license plates or placards you choose to display on your vehicle determines how the vehicle may be used.Beginning July 1, 2024, a DMV-issued permanent farm use placard is required for unlicensed (unregistered) farm use panel trucks, pickup trucks, or sport utility vehicles with a GVWR under 7,500 pounds.

Attached is a link to the list of all the different types of farm use license plates and placards and the requirements for each one:


Every motor vehicle operated on a highway in Virginia must be titled, except for farm tractors, farm machinery, farm utility vehicles, and farm vehicles with a securely attached machine for spraying fruit trees and plants. If you don’t have a title for your farm use vehicle, you may submit an Affidavit in Lieu of Title Certificate (VSA 12) to request verification of ownership in addition to an Application for Certificate of Title (VSA 17A). Sales and use tax will be collected when you title your vehicle unless the vehicle is an unregistered farm use pickup truck, panel truck, or sport utility vehicle required to obtain a permanent farm use placard.